Welcome to Kingsport

Kingsport Beach

The hamlet of Kingsport is located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley on the shores of the Minas Basin.

Kingsport’s grand history is tied to shipping and ship building.  Annapolis Valley produce was once transported to Kingsport by rail and loaded on ships docked at Kingsport’s wharf.  Ships were once built and launched at dry docks located here.

It was a summer destination for families from Quebec, New England and surrounding areas. Many travelled by train with household staff to summer homes in Kingsport to escape the heat and pollution of the cities.

Today Kingsport is a beautiful and peaceful community.  The majority are year-round residents, while others still leave the cities to spend an idyllic summer in the sunshine, swimming at the tidal beach, boating and fishing in the Minas Basin, and dining on some of the best organic food in the country.

In summer there is no “9 to 5” routine for the residents of Kingsport. The “time clock” is replaced by the “tide clock”.

  • Waterfront summer actives take place around an in-coming tide which is 20 minutes later each day! Swimming in water rushing in to cover mud that has been baked in the sun for 6 hours is an experience one needs to have if they live on the cold Atlantic Ocean.
  • Walking the mud flats along the red cliffs of the Bluff when water is just a line on the distant horizon is another unique experience.
  • Waiting for high tide to launch a boat or kayak from the ramp on the Kingsport wharf when heading out for a day of boating or fishing in the Minas Basin and making sure to return while there is “still water around the wharf”.
  • Enjoying a boardwalk stroll and stopping at the interpretive signs on the boardwalk to learn about past events in the village.
  • Fishing by day or by night from the floating docks alongside the Kingsport wharf during high tide is a favorite pastime of many residents.
  • Enjoying an ice cream or snack from the Tide’s Inn Canteen located on the water front boardwalk while engaging in activities or just as a “treat” on a warm summer night.

Access to all of these activities is made possible by the residents of the community who formed the charitable organization known as the Kingsport Community Association (KCA) and who volunteered countless hours of their time over the years.  The Kingsport Community Association’s mandate was, and still is, to enhance the life of its residents.

October 21, 2017