Tide’s In Canteen


Tides In Canteen

Old deck- Gala Day 2016

Gala Day 2016


The Tide’s In Canteen is located at Kingsport Beach and is owned and operated by the Kingsport Community Association (KCA) a Registered Charity. All proceeds from this business are used by the KCA to support its charitable activities. Thanks to all who supported the Canteen in 2016!

It is a seasonal business opened from mid-May to  mid September each year. The Canteen has an extensive  hot and cold food menu and a visit to the Canteen for an ice-cream or a meal is a must in the summer. While there enjoy the view, walk the Boardwalk and take in a little of the history of Kingsport.

The business is run by long time resident Joann Lyndall and provides jobs opportunities for students during the summer months.

The building is currently under going an upgrade thanks to grants from Municipal/Provincial Governments and volunteer labor from the community. An accessibility ramp and a new deck were completed in the fall of 2017 to butter service the customers.

We look forward to a Grand Opening in June of 2017, just in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Sizing up the project

Sizing up the project