Kingsport Beach

Kingsport Beach

The Water Front provides Kingsport and surrounding communities’ safe year round access to the Minas Basin. It includes a boat ramp, floating docks,  swimming beach, board walk and a  canteen,  Tide’s In. Tide Charts are posted at the Canteen.



Boat Access to the Minus Basin

A Season Boat Pass  or a Day Boat Pass  can be purchased at Tide`s In Canteen. The wharf and floating docks are owned and maintained by Kingsport Community Association. Please show your support by purchasing a Season Boat Pass.

Tide’s In Canteen

A full service canteen, operated by the Kingsport Community Association, is open to the public. It will make your trip to the beach a more pleasant visit. Come for an ice cream or a meal. For more information visit


Beach Activities

Waterfront Projects

Fall 2017

Fall of 2017 will see changes at the Waterfront. Thanks to an ACOA Grant a new Interpretation Pavilion will be built on the site of the Pergola which housed the  Kingsport historic signs. The Tide’s In Canteen will receive a small covered deck which will be use as a “waiting area” by patrons of the Canteen.

The project began on Wednesday, October 18th with a volunteer work party who removed the older pergola. The community sends a Thank you to everyone who participated in the removal of the pergola and the boardwalk. Without volunteers it would be very difficult to accomplish projects such as this one.


Interpretation Pavilion Competed -December 2017


Post and Beam Construction

Getting Ready for the new Interpretation Pavilion October 2017

Volunteers hard at work dismantling the old Pergola – October 2017

Work Commenced the end of October on the construction of the new Interpretation Center with the pouring of a new foundation.

Foundation Constructed by Patterned Concrete November 2017

November 2017 –  Pavilion Raising  by Wise Owl Joinery & Community Volunteers

Spring 2016

The Kingsport Community Association has received Grants to upgrade the Beach, Wharf, and Canteen.

The work began in the spring of 2016 with   the digging of a  French Drain across the parking lot and resurfacing the parking lot.  Thanks to Kings County for making this possible.

The work continued this fall with community volunteers building a new deck and accessibility ramp on the Tide’s In Canteen. This project was funded by an Accessibility Grant from the Province and work was completed by community Volunteers. Thanks to both the Province and Volunteers for making this possible. Residents and visitors will certainly enjoy this upgrade to the Canteen.

The addition of rock to the existing wharf was completed in November. The tide’s can be very damaging and this work was needed before another winter. This work was made possible by a Grant from the Municipal Economic Development Fund, once again thanks are extended for these funds.

Please view our Photo Gallery’s below.

Community Volunteers Building Canteen Deck and Ramp, November 2016



Parking Lot Upgrades Spring 2016

Phase Two of the parking lot up grades was the grading of the parking lot and the addition of several inches of gravel just prior to Gala Day.  Thanks to Kings County for this recent upgrade.


This spring Kings County  put  a french drain the length of the parking lot to deal with parking lot water issues. Thank you!

Water Front Cleanup – May 21st, 2016

On a beautiful day in May over 30 members of the community and friends showed up with rakes, clippers, etc to clean and groom the water front area. It took a morning but the result was worth it.  That evening everyone enjoyed the first beach bonfire of the season!