Tide’s In Canteen

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The Tide’s In Canteen is located at Kingsport Waterfront and is owned and operated by the Kingsport Community Association (KCA) a registered Charity. All proceeds from the Canteen fund the charitable work of the KCA. The canteen is managed by local resident, Joanne Lyndall and provides summer jobs for 3 students.


Opening Hours:

May – June 23rd  11am – 6pm

June 24th – September 11am – 8 pm


Shoe String Fries          $3.95

Sand Dollars                  $4.95

Waffle Fries                    $4.95

Hot Brownie Sundae    $3.95

A visit to the Canteen for an ice-cream or a meal is a must in the summer. While there enjoy the view, walk the Boardwalk and take in a little of the history of Kingsport.

The Tide’s In Canteen  has a new look this season and is better equipped to serve the needs of all our customers. There is a new Accessibility Ramp and Deck with picnic tables for those sunny days and on those not so sunny days there is the “Tide’s In Sit In”.

Canteen Menu Includes:


Fish and chips 1 piece $7.95, 2 piece $9.50, I piece fish $3.75

Scallops and chips $9.75, Bacon wrapped Scallops $10.50

Clam strips and chips $7.75  Seafood Platter $13.95

Hot Dogs

Regular hot dog $2.25, cheese Dog  $2.50, Whistle Dog $2.95


Wharf burger $6.95, Hamburger $5.50, Cheese burger $5.75, Bacon cheese burger  $5.95, Chicken Burger $5.75, Ol’ fashion chicken burger $4.95, Fish Burger $5.50, Scallop burger $5.75


Chicken Caesar Wrap $5.75, Bacon Chicken Wrap $5.75, Steak Caesar Wrap $5.75, Steak Wrap $5.50


Popcorn Chicken $5.50, Chicken Fingers and Fries $7.75


Regular Poutine &5.75, Steak Poutine $5.95, Chicken Poutine $5.95


Small Fries $4.50, Large Fries $4.95, Onion Rings $5.50, Onion Petals $4.75,

Sweet potato fries $4.75


Sundae $3.95, Chocolate Bar $1.50 , Milkshake $4.50, Ice cream cones


Pop/Water $1.50, Juice $2.00, Coffee/Tea $1.50, Floats $3.25