New Board Members for KCA

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Tuesday evening November 14th, the Annual General Meeting and election of Board Members was held at the Lloyd Memorial Centre.  Howard Eaton conducted the election again this year. The following is a list of elected  Members and their positions on the Board.

Executive (4)

Charlene MacLellan, Returning President

Sarah Hayes, Newly elected Vice-President

Liz Huyer, Returning Secretary

Merle MacDonald, Returning Treasurer

Members at Large (6)


George Barkhouse

Valerie Simmons

Newly Elected:

Alex Kehoe

Brenda Parker

Al Smith

Jan White

The Board wishes to thank everyone who served on the KCA Board of Directors last year and  all the volunteers who made it such a successful year. Kingsport is a better place to live thanks to our many volunteers.

KCA Annual General Meeting Nov 14th

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The KCA Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 14th at the LMH beginning at 7 pm.  New board members are always welcome.  Information related to various board positions, meeting schedules, responsibilities of members will be sent out as a separate newsletter.

Who is the KCA and why join?

Volunteering to join the Kingsport Community Association goes back 40 years to November of 1977. It has accomplished a great deal for the residents of Kingsport and Medford over those 40 years! A look back:


Kingsport Community Association (KCA)  up to 1980

Compiled in 1980 by Cora Atkinson, with the help of local citizens who contributed much of the material.

Kingsport Community Association was organized on November 4, 1977, its objective being to work towards the betterment of the community, and to promote any aspect pertaining to its welfare. A pie social and card parties have been held to help bring the residents together and to raise funds for specific purposes. A portion of land has been leased and plans are being made for providing a playground. “The Pioneer Youth of America” group, made up of Maritime Tel and Tel workers, have agreed to supply poles, etc. for this purpose and to assist in the work of preparing the play- ground for use, this being done in their own time, evenings and Saturdays. Two picnic tables have been placed in an area near the beach. Four more tables, also trash cans, and a set of steps to facilitate the descent to, and ascent from, the beach are to be added this season. A “clean-up” program has been established to promote cleanliness of the beach and surrounding area. Members of the executive are to be commanded for their zeal and co-operation. Their efforts are much appreciated.

Kingsport Community Association (KCA)up to 2017

The KCA with the help and financial support of local residents, and the financial support of all levels of Government through the awarding of Grants, has continued the Associations objective “to work towards the betterment of the community, and to promote any aspect pertaining to its welfare” through the following:

  • Development and maintenance of the Kingsport Wharf and Beach Area
  • Running and maintaining a Beach Canteen, the Tide’s In
  • Maintaining a community hall,   the Lloyd Memorial Centre (LMC)
  • Providing an emergency shelter for residents in times of disaster, EMO Shelter @ the LMC
  • Maintaining a designated green space for community use, the Pavilion Park
  • Supporting youth through the awarding of an annual bursary for post secondary studies
  • Creation of summer employment opportunities in the community
  • Hosting community events and socials
  • Caring for the community when experiencing personal loss or illness
  • Programs that honor and preserve the heritage of Kingsport

Please make it  a priory to attend the Annual General Meeting to vote/and or to offer your name as a candidate for a Board position.

Lloyd Memorial Centre – 100th Year Celebration Nov 19th

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Lloyd Memorial Centre

We will be celebrating the 100th year of the Lloyd Memorial Hall, our community hall on Sunday, November 19th from 1:30 – 4 pm with coffee, tea and cake.  If you have any historical pictures of the building please bring them with you to share with others. Everyone is welcome.

For additional information on the Lloyd Memorial Centre visit