The Community Hall

At the heart of life in Kingsport is the Lloyd Memorial Centre

The building was donated to the KCA by June (Lloyd) Barkhouse and George Barkhouse.   It was renovated by volunteers and has become the center of community life.


Lloyd Memorial Center – Celebrates 100 years

November 19th , 2017 a celebration was held at the Lloyd Memorial Building to mark the occasion of the 100th year of the building. The build was originally built as a General Store by Walter Woodburn in 1917. The store passed through many owners in the 100 years.

Previous Owners

Hugh Ells, Merchant 1934-1944

Lewis Taylor, merchant 1944- 1947

Roland Johnson, Merchant 1947 – 1949

Ethel Ward, Owner 1949-1963

Wilbert R. D. Ward, Owner 1963 – 1967

Henry O. Lloyd & Velena Lloyd Owner 1967 – 1992

Velena Lloyd, June Barkhouse, George Barkhouse 1992 -2001

Kingsport Community Association December 29, 2001 – Present Day



The event was well attended by  residents of Kingsport. Stories were shared and memories revived. The beautiful cake, made by Kelly Stevens, was cut by June and George Barkhouse, who donated the building and a long time resident of Kingsport, Golda Kelly.

The restoration of the building by community members has been captured in pictures and the album is housed at the Lloyd Memorial Centre.


LMC Hosts:

    • Community Events, Meetings and Fundraisers
    • Craft and other interest Groups
    • Kingsport Fitness and Wellness Programs
    •  Events such as Weddings, Showers, Birthday Parties, and Family Reunions
  • Gala Day Events and Displays


Residents of the area are welcome to rent this facility for private functions. The building has a fully equipped kitchen  and a great room that is an excellent space for a small wedding, private party, musical event, meeting, etc.

Contact Liz Huyer to book the Lloyd Memorial Centre,  phone 902-698-2164 or email


EMO Center

The Lloyd Community center is a designated EMO Comfort Center during times of emergency in the Kingsport and Medford area.

During times of emergency, the comfort center will be open from 8 AM to 8 PM. It is a heated space that provides washroom facilities, food and drink and a place to keep warm. Users will be able to recharge electronic devises. It does not provide overnight access.