Beach Clean-up, Bursary and Tide’s In Canteen

  1.  Thank you to all who participated in the Community Clean-up at the Kingsport Waterfront on Saturday, May 13th.  Appearance matters!  Ken Kingsbury, KCA Board Liaison for the Tide’s In Canteen has mentioned that the appearance of the property directly relates to increased sales at the canteen.  Maintenance of the beach, parking lot and surrounding area creates an attractive and enjoyable atmosphere for residents and visitors.  An employee has been assigned to the task, as part of her duties, however, we can all assist when possible.
  2. Welcome to summer at the Waterfront!  Impressive start at the Tide’s In Canteen! For information on hours of operation and menu choices,  check out the Tide’s In Canteen Facebook page.
  3. Kingsport Community Association is once again offering a $500.00 Bursary to a 2023 graduate of NKEC who plans to attend a post-secondary institution in the fall of 2023.  Guidelines have been posted at NKEC.  If you know of a resident of Kingsport or Medford who would quality, please encourage them to check it out.

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